Poker operators lawsuit moved to US court

THE lawsuit filed in Superior Court by two poker operators has been moved to federal court.

The Zoning Board, through its counsel Assistant Attorney General Charles E. Brasington on Friday filed a notice of removal of the case from the local court.

Brasington said the case was transferred to the District Court for the NMI because the complaint alleged violation of due process rights, and because one of the plaintiffs’ immigration status hinges on the result of the case, the expertise of the federal court is necessary.

The poker operators sued the CNMI Zoning Board and its chairman Diego C. Blanco over the implementation of Saipan Local Law 18-5 or the Saipan Adult Machine Business Zoning Law of 2013.

Sin Ho Nam, principal shareholder of Winnerslife Inc./Sin Ho Development Inc., and Dan Bi Choi LLC, through attorney Robert Torres, asked the court to issue a restraining order against the law which gave them until Oct. 25, 2017 to relocate their poker arcades to designated commercial zoning districts that are also at least 200 feet away from any church, public and private school, park or playground.

The lawsuit said the implementation of the law violated the operators’ due process rights.

Source: Marianas Variety :

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