Phone scams target Guam residents

HAGÅTÑA (The Guam Daily Post) — The Office of the Attorney General said the phone scams that hit Guam residents in recent days are evolving and variations are being reported to its Consumer Protection Division.

The AG’s office also asked consumers “to stay alert and to continue spreading awareness about the scam.”

Dubbed as the one-ring wireless phone scam by the Federal Communications Commission, the calls residents received during the past few days were coming from numbers with three-digit international area codes are associated with pay-per-call phone numbers. The three-digit codes are similar to local or domestic calls.

The FCC advisory noted consumer complaints about calls coming in from the Caribbean region. In Guam’s case, the calls had originated from the South Pacific island nations of Tonga and Fiji. According to the AG’s office, some Guam residents reported receiving phone calls from 679-773-5407 and 676-848-9003 over the weekend.

The AG’s office also received reports the phone calls were “coming through on cellphone applications that offer free calls, texting, photo-sharing, etc.”

The AG’s office noted that “while the true intent of the scam is unclear, it appears the scheme is set up to either get consumers to call the number back — possibly in an attempt to rack up long distance phone charges and foreign connection fees — or hack personal information.”

After a number of complaints surfaced on social media, telecommunications companies Docomo Pacific, IT&E Guam and GTA Teleguam advised the public not to answer, call back or divulge their personal information when they receive a suspicious phone call.

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