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Orkin Pest Control says poor sanitation is the root of the problem at the food establishments that were shut down at Micronesia Mall.

Guam – Orkin Pest Control, one of the companies, contracted to do pest control for the Micronesia Mall says they are retaining legal counsel in light of the possibly damaging public comments made against them.

The issue came to surface after seven food establishments at the Micronesia Mall were shut down last weekend due to a cockroach infestation. Cited as the agency responsible for ensuring the mall stays pest free, Orkin came under fire for allegedly doing a lackluster job. 

However, in a statement to the media, Orkin says the root of the pest problem at the food establishments is poor sanitation. In addition to a roach infestation, several of the restaurants were also shut down for “utensils not being properly dried and stored, food contact surfaces not cleaned and sanitized, raw food stored with ice and kitchen pots routinely being washed in the mop sink.” Orkin calls out an executive chef who

Orkin called out an executive chef who “over the past two days has made an effort only to bully and blame everyone but himself.” Orkin also takes aim at the Micronesia Mall management, saying, “we are not a janitorial company, which is what is needed here, and we don’t appreciate the management of the mall attempting to do damage control at our expense. We are consulting legal counsel.” 

Of the seven establishments that were shut down by the Department of Public Health and Social Services, some have reopened.


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