Parent commends police officer

A MEMBER of the community commended Police Officer Rose Rios for personifying the ideal of service beyond the call of duty.

Grace Boggess, a parent, expressed her gratitude for the thoughtfulness and concern that Rios showed to her child.

Rios spotted four children, ages 10-15 years old, by themselves at 4 in the morning in Koblerville. She made sure they got home safely.

Boggess, whose son was one of the four children, personally thanked Rios for taking the children home.

Boggess said she wants the community to know about Rios’s good deed. “We want to let people know that our officers are doing their jobs, above and beyond,” she added.

Rios said if it were her own children “I wouldn’t want them to be standing beside the road at 4 in the morning.”

She added, “I saw [the] kids, and thought they could have been my kids out there. So I pulled over and asked them what they were doing there.”

Rios learned that someone was supposed to have given the children a ride home, but that person did not show up so the children decided to call a taxi.

Rios took the names of the children and transported them home.

Her supervisor, Police Capt. Anthony Macaranas, said: “We are entrusted to go out there and serve those in the community.”

He said officers are trained to use their discretion. “Officer Rios used her discretion wisely to transport the children to their homes and drop them off safely.”

Macaranas said he was happy to know that there were fine young men and women in the department that go out there and serve even, sometimes, in the face of criticism and negativity from the community.

DPS, he added, is “moving forward as the commissioner wants us to do. We will keep moving forward to help the community and make it a better and safer place for everyone.”

Macaranas made a point of encouraging community members to approach their police officers if they need assistance.

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