Over 200 celebrate Hindu festival

OVER 200 members of the Hindu community and their guests gathered on Saturday night to celebrate “Dassera,” also known as Sri Durga Pujua Festival, in honor of their Goddess Durga.

The celebration, held at the Sri Radha Krishna Temple in Chalan Kanoa, opened with prayers and gift offerings.

Venugopal Prabhakara, the association’s vice president, said the celebration concluded nine nights of prayers and worship at the temple.

He said Hindus believe that the night of worship is a very auspicious period, and that any undertaking launched on that day is bound for success.

Hindu community treasurer Anand Rajanna Katta said Saturday’s celebration was highlighted by song-and-dance performances by children and adults, and serving of traditional vegetarian Hindu dishes.

Katta said Hindus around the world celebrate the festival every year. The Hindu community on Saipan, however, skipped the celebration for two years after the temple was destroyed by Typhoon Soudelor in 2015.

Katta said the group has more than 150 members from India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Thailand, Sri Lanka and China.

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