Outrigger canoe float stolen

AN “ama” or float of an outrigger canoe was reported stolen Sunday morning.

Ponce Rasa of the Napu Outrigger Canoe Club said the group had tune-up sprint races for their junior and adult members on Saturday.

On Sunday, he added, they were supposed to practice but found that someone had stolen the ama for the Red Napu outrigger canoe.

“They apparently attempted to steal the Blue Napu outrigger’s ama as well,” Rasa said as he asks for the community’s assistance in finding the stolen floater.

After learning about the incident, Rep. Ed Propst alerted the community through social media.

On his Facebook wall, he stated that there can be no more paddling for the outrigger team until the ama is returned.

He also asked the community to be on a lookout for it.

“Our youth need it back! Shameful some stealers would do this,” he added.

Source: Marianas Variety :

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