On Saipan, not too many watched Patriots’ loss

BECAUSE it happened on a workday, not too many fans here were in usual watering holes to see the livecasting of Tom Brady and the New England Patriots lost to the new Super Bowl title holders, the Philadelphia Eagles.

Unexpectedly, the island’s bars presenting the Super Bowl LII live were not as packed as they were last year when the Patriots’ come-from-behind victory over the Atlanta Falcons occurred on Sunday.

Fans’ prediction in social media that fellow avid NFL followers would go on-leave just to watch the game did not actually happen. Only a handful of them were seen yesterday, and too lucky to feast on buffet generously offered by host.

Century Hotel’s Carlos Rivera was elated as early as the third quarter when the Eagles were up by 10, as he along with not more than 10 other football fans watched the game at Tribes.

“The eagles are going to win this game. They are up by 10,” he said.

So you’re rooting for the Eagles?

“Yeah, look at my colors. I’m in an Eagles’ color right now,” said Rivera who knew QB Nick Foles and the Eagles “are going to lock it down in the defense side and continue pushing in the offense side.”

But they’ve got to put pressure on Brady, he said in able to secure the win.

At the time, the Eagles “haven’t really pressured Brady.

“Hopefully from now until the end, they will be able to pressure him more. And, if the referees will be calling a fair and just game, the Eagles will have chance,” he said.

Ivan Quichocho who was at the same bar when the Patriots made a stunning “comeback” win last year was still rooting for the Patriots.

He was hoping the Patriots would put up bit more of a fight.

“There is still nine minutes left, and I think they are going to come up strong. Last year, I watched Brady as he always pushed it together in a clinch.”

But in the third quarter he saw there were a lot of key NE players who had fallen off. Two of the Patriots were injured.

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