Okeanos Marianas to take part in high-end tourism

THE Okeanos Marianas canoe will soon be used for ecological and cultural, high-end tourism at Pagan.

According to Pete Perez, board member of Okeanos Sustainable Sea Transport, there is an economic development plan for the volcanic island of Pagan and the rest of the Northern Islands.

“Pagan right now is only occupied seasonally. People go up there and they don’t stay because they don’t have transportation,” Perez said. “There is also a plan to resettle Pagan and part of the plan includes economic development.”

Perez said the CNMI government and the Northern Islands are in the process of developing a plan for ecological and cultural tourism.

He said they will assist in the resettlement of Pagan by making the canoe available for tourism.

The plan, he said will target high-end tourists who want to go on a real adventure and have a genuine cultural experience.

“That experience will include sailing a traditional canoe to the Northern Islands. They will stay with a host family, either Chamorro or Carolinian, and they will have personal guides to take them around,” he said.

High-end tourism, Perez said, will be a lot different from the usual tourism “in which you get a 100 people show up, doing the same thing, going to the same place. High-end tourism is different. It is more intimate and very expensive.”

He said Pagan can only accommodate a few visitors, and Okeanos Marianas will be involved as a transportation provider.

“Part of what we want to achieve for Pagan is we want the resettlement to be successful. We don’t want to ruin Pagan because it is such a beautiful place.”

High-end tourism may not bring in a “good number” of tourists, but Perez said it also does not “destroy the place.”

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