Official: CUC to get qualified, responsible power-engine supplier

THE Commonwealth Utilities Corp. will procure an eight-megawatt diesel engine for Power Plant 1 from a qualified and responsible supplier, CUC Executive Director Gary Camacho said.

“We are hoping to get multiple bidders,” he added.

Camacho said he has had an initial discussion with the Office of the Attorney General regarding the acquisition of the power generator.

The AG’s office, he added, will determine whether the purchase can be done through a request for procurement or a request for quotations.

The previous CUC board decided to purchase a power generator from General Pacific Services Marianas, but it cancelled the request for quotations amid a public outcry over conflict-of-interest allegations.

The governor later asked the board members to resign.

Asked if CUC will allow GPSM to participate in the acquisition process, Camacho said: “I will have a separate discussion with the Office of the Attorney General on that matter.”

He added, “CUC continues to have a great need for additional power generation because of the rapid economic development that is challenging our system.”

He said they anticipate a 16.7 megawatt increase in power demand by this December.

He said this projection does not include the power demands of additional hotels and large commercial establishments that plan to open on Saipan in 2018.

Source: Marianas Variety :

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