NMTI hosts donor-appreciation dinner

THE Northern Marianas Trades Institute on Tuesday evening hosted a donor-appreciation dinner prepared by culinary arts students who completed a 16-week training program at NMTI.

“You are here so you can see the fruit of your donation,” NMTI Chief Executive Officer Agnes McPhetres told the trade school’s donors.

“You will see that everything we received from you has turned around for you, because when we train our students, they can be hired by your businesses.”

To show gratitude to the trade school’s donors, the 17 NMTI students who completed the culinary arts program prepared dinner for their guests on the school campus.

 “We will give you the opportunity to ‘taste’ the help that you have given to us,” McPhetres told the donors.

Ty Pauling, the NMTI culinary arts program director, said the dinner was meant to showcase the skills the students obtained during their training.

The students prepared a French dish called chicken chasseur.  “It is a simple dish, but one that challenges you in a lot of ways,” Pauling said.

There is a lot of technical processes involved, he added: blanching the broccoli, sautéing the chicken and preparing the chasseur sauce.

Pauling said NMTI introduced the culinary arts program in 2015.  “We developed and expanded it to cover course material necessary for students to get jobs in our industry,” he added.

The course runs for 16 weeks: two times a week, four hours a day. For each one-hour lecture, there are three hours of  hands-on training.

Over the 16-week period, students learn all the basic skills required to be successful in the industry, Pauling said. 

“The goal of our program is to get people good jobs. We train people and get them into the workforce,” he added.

Pauling said the students also learn to work as a team. “They don’t work individually. No single person is the backbone in the kitchen — each person has a different role to play,” he added.

So far, he said, when NMTI culinary arts graduates get jobs, “90 percent of the time they stay in those jobs for more than a year.”

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