NMI high court to hear oral arguments on Rota and Tinian

(Press Release) — This October, the CNMI Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on Rota and Tinian.

Alexandro Castro

On Thursday, Oct. 5 at 10 a.m., the court will hear arguments in Commonwealth v. Hank Taitano at the Centron Hustisia Rota. On Thursday, Oct. 19 at 10 a.m. the Court will hear arguments in Marianne C. Teregeyo, Secretary of the Department of Public Lands v. Joey Patrick San Nicolas, Mayor of Tinian at the Tinian courthouse.

The off-island appellate sessions are part of the judiciary’s goal to increase community engagement. Earlier this year, the NMI Supreme Court held sessions at Northern Mariana College and Kagman High School, both well-attended by students and faculty.

“As the Supreme Court of the Northern Mariana Islands, we hear cases originating on all of the islands, and it is important we show the community we represent the entire commonwealth,” said Chief Justice Alexandro Castro.

Students will be in attendance, and justices and staff members will hold a question and answer session after oral arguments.

“Judges and Justices in the Classroom has been a great success on Saipan, and we want to extend the same opportunity to all of our students on Tinian and Luta,” Chief Justice Castro noted. “We hope this will encourage students to participate in Law Day events, compete in mock trial, and consider careers in the legal field.”

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