NMI celebrates Covenant Day

THE commonwealth is commemorating the 42nd anniversary of the Covenant, which made the islands part of the U.S.

President Gerald Ford signed Public Law 94-241 on March 24, 1976, enacting the Covenant which was passed by both houses of the U.S. Congress and approved unanimously by the Marianas District Legislature and 78.8 percent of NMI voters.

In a joint statement, Gov. Ralph Torres and Lt. Gov. Victor Hocog said the CNMI remains committed to making sure that the Covenant upholds the commonwealth founders’ original intent, which is “to promote economic self-sufficiency in the modern world economy and to raise the standard of living for the people who call these islands home.”

Torres and Hocog said  “since the days of our ancestors who came in search for a better life in these beautiful islands, we have prided ourselves in being a people who took control of our collective destinies.”

They added, “It was the desire of our ancestors to brave the unknown dangers of the Pacific to find their way to these islands we call home. It was the desire of our grandparents to take charge of rebuilding a war-ravaged island to restore the pre-war tranquility of our villages. And it was the desire of our founders to establish a political status that would set us on a course to be what we are today”

The CNMI  commemorates “the signing of that honorable accord, a sacred document we know as the Covenant. Our belief in self-determination resulted in one of the most unique political relationships in modern democracy — a commonwealth in political union with the United States…. This weekend, we look back on our progress as a commonwealth, but we continue to look toward the future, where our islands’ best days are ahead if we continue to work together. From our families to yours, Happy Covenant Day!”covenant

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