NMHC board approves RFP for Garapan Annex property

THE Northern Marianas Housing Corp. board has approved the request for proposals or RFP for the Garapan Annex property.

Board chairman Ignacio Perez said the RFP will be issued as soon as the legal counsel ironed out any creases in the bidding documents.

The CDA board approved the RFP after Senate Bill 20-7 became Public Law 20-18.

Previous law prohibited NMHC from leasing out the property because the statute required that “1) all 45 existing housing units in Garapan Annex currently controlled by NMHC be replaced by decent, safe, sanitary housing at another suitable location; 2) that all requisite infrastructure facilities be installed and operational for said replacement housing; and 3) that all current tenants of Annex No. 2 Section 8 Housing who so desire be relocated to the replacement housing before commencement of demolition of the existing housing or construction of the proposed development.”

The new law, authored by Senate President Arnold Palacios, stated that there is no need to comply with these requirements as none of the tenants were displaced.

Moreover, they have already availed themselves of the HUD Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program.

Source: Marianas Variety :

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