NMD group eyes American Memorial Park

THE Northern Marianas Descent Corporation may ask the U.S. to transfer control of the American Memorial Park to the CNMI.

John Gonzales

John Gonzales, NMDC president, said this is one of the proposals being discussed by members.

“There’s a suggestion that the NMDs should negotiate with the federal government which is currently leasing that property,” Gonzales said in an interview, referring to the federal park.

But he added that they have not reached a decision and are still looking into the issue.

Gonzales said their initial plan was to build a cultural center that would promote and preserve local culture. “Tourists will also be welcome to use it,” he added.

“But again, we have not reached a decision yet. We want to confer with the other stakeholders and get feedback from the NMDs before we decide on the issue.”

Gonzales said their group is now “proactive” in dealing with issues that concern the NMDs.

“Gone are the days when we kept silent and accepted the decisions made. We want to be proactive and we want to put our leaders, partners and stakeholders on notice that we are here to participate in the decision-making process, and we will make sure that our input and feedback are solicited and that we all decide together.”

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