New NMI park receives national award

(Office of the Governor) — In Washington, D.C., the Gov. Eloy S. Inos Peace Park received national praise and recognition from the Construction Management Association of America.

The CMAA is a non-profit and non-governmental, professional association serving the construction management industry. Current membership is more than 14,000 from around the country, including individual practitioners, corporate members, and construction owners in both public and private sectors, along with academic and associate members.

The CMAA held its 2017 Project Achievement Awards Banquet in the nation’s capital, where it recognized state and territorial construction projects from around the country and throughout the industry. The award categories were in the fields of commercial, sports, entertainment, education, environmental, and government among others.

The peace park received the award in the environmental category for a construction project value less than $50 million. The peace park project was a $29 million that was part of the closure of the former Puerto Rico Landfill that was a community dump for more than 40 years.

Present to receive the award for the CNMI were Gov. Ralph D.L.G. Torres, CIP project manager Elizabeth S. Balajadia, PE, GHD Inc. project director Paul Baron, PE, GHD Inc. project engineer Rufin Inos Jr., EIT, GHD Inc. project manager Geoff Melchor, GHD Inc. CQA manager Bryan Fritzler, PE, and Christine Inos, representing the family of the late Governor Inos.

Governor Torres stated that the park means a lot to him personally and believes that the park represents Governor Inos’s vision of solving longstanding problems for the benefit of the entire community.

“I remembered the day two years ago when Governor Inos and I broke ground for the construction together. He envisioned a great future for this park and for our community because the park is just one part of the overall vision we shared for our islands. The park is a testament to successful engineering and renews our commitment to eliminating pollution and preserving our environment. It is a place, where everyone — residents and tourists — can come to exercise and relax. I commend our CIP office, OIA, GHD, Black Micro, and everyone for coming together for this. Never would I have thought that our park would receive national awards this early. Governor Inos would have been proud of what we accomplished together as a community,” Governor Torres said.

CIP Administrator Virginia Villagomez noted that the project represents what can be achieved when federal and territorial governments work collaboratively to solve a longstanding community problem.

“Converting the former landfill to a park was not easy. The process was tedious, but very rewarding. It took a team effort to get to this point. Receiving this national award is one thing, but it takes all of us in the community to take care of it for future generations. Governor Inos would have wanted it that way,” Villagomez said.

This is the second national recognition for the Governor Eloy S. Inos Peace Park. In August, the American Society of Civil Engineers recognized the park in its recent publication.

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