New military office reaches out to community

NORTHERN Marianas College students were introduced last week to the CNMI Joint Region Marianas Coordination Office or CJCO headed by Randel Sablan.

A guest speaker in the Current Issues class, he discussed the office’s primary function which is coordinating military activities with the people of the CNMI.

The CJCO, he said, is in constant communication with the offices of the governor and mayors.

“The CNMI area is in the Mariana Islands Range Complex which means training activities happen here. So it is important that we coordinate with the local government and the local community,” Sablan told the students.

“He said the office, which was established in February, also acts as a support system for military services as they comply with the National Environmental Policy Act.

“We are helping with the coordination on the ground, like raising awareness among those in the community and among students like you,” he told the NMC students.

“I am here to coordinate on behalf of Rear Adm. Soshana Chatfield, Joint Region Marianas commander. Previously there had not been a permanent presence in the community from the [Department of Defense] or JRM. We are doing that now. We are reaching out to the community and developing relationships that allow us to work together for the long term.”

In an interview, Sablan said he is willing to speak with anyone in the community who wants to learn about issues concerning the military. “I am looking forward to meeting with them and we are willing to engage in an open dialogue. I am also willing to talk to people who are concerned about military activities.”

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