NAP wants retail stores to participate in health campaign

THE Nutrition Assistance Program will ask retail stores to help raise awareness about nutrition among NAP’s 7,000 recipients.

According to NAP Administrator Walter Macaranas, they will work with the stores to promote healthy food.

“One idea is having ‘footstep’ or ‘footprint’ marks that will guide the clients to healthy food,” he said.

NAP also wants the stores to provide information regarding healthy options to processed food.

Macaranas said NAP has partnered with Northern Marianas College-Cooperative Research, Extension and Education Services to inform NAP recipients about healthy eating habits. “Through NMC-CREES, we educate them on the harmful effects of processed food,” he added.

NMC-CREES staffers, Macaranas said, visit the NAP office the first week of every month when the distribution of food stamps occurs.

They conduct nutrition and healthy cooking classes, teach budgeting and give other relevant advice to help improve the NAP clients’ lifestyle, he said.

Macaranas said they also plan to install a television screen at the NAP office.

“We will show nutrition-related information for our clients. While they are waiting in the lobby, we’ll flash information on the TV screen about healthy lifestyles, healthy eating, physical health and other things that can improve one’s health,” Macaranas said.

NAP wants nutrition education to be part of the benefits provided to recipients, he added.

He said they cannot force their clients to adopt a healthy lifestyle, but NAP can help them make better and healthier choices.

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