Music of the Marianas Association to hold clinics on Tinian and Rota

THE Music of the Marianas Association is planning to conduct music clinics on Tinian and Rota to encourage more youth to hone their talents and perform in public.

“We have a lot of talented kids, but not a lot them have the experience to be on stage,” Leo Pangelinan, Music of the Marianas Association secretary, said in an interview.

The music clinics, he added, will include an introduction to ukulele, guitar, keyboard and song-writing.

“We want to teach them writing music in Chamorro and Carolinian. A lot of our youth today don’t speak the local languages. Chamorro and Carolinian music can help us master the local languages.”

Pangelinan is also encouraging the youth to listen to Chamorro and Carolinian music, learn the lyrics and understand their meaning. “This is another way for them to learn the local languages,” he added.

He said the music clinics will also “expose” the youth to audio and stage engineering.

“They will know how the equipment works — the audio, the microphone. How to plug in instruments, and how to control the sound. If they know how that works, they will be less intimidated to plug in and jam onstage.”

The music clinics will be conducted by the association’s members who are musicians themselves.

“Most of them have been playing for at least 15 years now,” Pangelinan said, referring to the association’s members. “Majority of them are seasoned musicians who have been in and out of multiple bands in the CNMI. Quite a few have been invited to perform at different festivals and events off-island. We want them to share, not just their skills, but also their life journey as musicians.”

The association is now coordinating with Tinian Mayor Joey San Nicolas, Rota Mayor Efraim Atalig and the Public School System, Pangelinan said.

On Saipan, the association is a partner of Northern Marianas College in 4-H Riptide, a program that educates children on the importance of indigenous cultures and the environment.

“Every month, we go out to the youth centers. It’s a two-week program. We have different community groups that come in. Our group promotes awareness of Chamorro and Carolinian music. Our musicians play music live.”

Source: Marianas Variety :

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