Municipal council to present village-identity project to MVA

THE Saipan and Northern Islands Municipal Council will present a project to the Marianas Visitors Authority board that aims to showcase local cultural assets.

Council chairman Luis John Castro on Tuesday said MVA has committed itself to helping implement the village-identity project on Saipan as part of the CNMI’s destination enhancement program.

The village-identity project will establish culturally significant sites, historical landmarks and identify the characteristics of each of the island’s villages.

The council’s consultant, former Rep. William Torres, said the project “can be a very important part of tourism promotion.”

He said they will initially showcase the “cultural wealth” of Chalan Kanoa which was once known as the island’s capital.

Chalan Kanoa had a theater, a shopping center, a Japanese village and a sugarcane factory, he said, adding that the mayor’s office also used to be located in the village.

Council vice chairman Diego Kaipat said they will present MVA with old and new maps of Chalan Kanoa to show the locations of the cultural and historical sites in the village.

Torres said the village-identity project will definitely draw more tourists to Chalan Kanoa and other residential villages, including Lake Susupe which, he added, has not been fully developed as a tourist destination.

“The village-identity project will also eventually create the ‘volunteer tourists’ concept in which visitors get involved in community services in the villages,” he said.

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