More volunteers show up at Sugar Dock Beach

COMMUNITY volunteer Max Aguon said more members of the public are helping him keep the Sugar Dock Beach clean.

The new volunteers included Benny John Cruz, Charles Rechesengel, Jose Camacho and Marie C. Wanket.

“The volunteers were excited about celebrating the Epiphany [on Jan. 6] by performing a community service,” Aguon said.

While other residents enjoyed their weekend at the beach, they were reminded by the volunteers about the need to keep the area clean, he added.

Among the regular volunteers are Tony Cruz, Jun Kiyu, John “Balilng” Reyes and personnel from the Division of Parks and Recreation, Aguon said.

Next month, he said they will plant coconut trees in the beach area. “I am encouraging others to come and join us in maintaining this beach.”

Aguon expressed his gratitude to those beach users who dispose of their trash properly.

“There’s no more vandalism or graffiti at the pavilion, and I hope people will continue to be vigilant and cooperative,” he said.

Source: Marianas Variety :

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