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THE MICRONESIA Islands Nature Alliance held a Mardi Gras-like mixer at the Fiesta Resort on Saturday to raise funds for its operations and environmental projects.

“This is to have a little fun, to mingle and talk about the environment,” MINA executive director Roberta Guerrero said. “With Lent coming up, this will be a good time to do something different. Bring a little Mardi-Gras fun, basically to have people come out and get together.”

She thanked Fiesta Resort and Godfather’s beach bar for hosting the event. “They were so gracious — a certain percentage of the sales will go toward MINA’s program.”

Micronesia Islands Nature Alliance executive director Roberta Guerrero poses for Variety. Photo by Lori Lyn C. Lirio

She added, “We have a lot of ongoing projects and every dollar helps toward our mission. This year is the Year of Coral Reef. We have a big project going on which involves middle schools.”

According to MINA program coordinator Becky Furey, they have been working with teachers through the Schools for Environmental Conservation program since 2010.

“We can integrate coral-reef courses in their classrooms and develop lesson plans and provide support,” she added.

“Every year we have different themes. In the past we focused on climate change, watershed and protected areas.”

This year, the theme is “Learn About, Interact With, and Actively Conserve Saipan’s Coral Reefs.”

Under the Schools for Environmental Conservation program, MINA provides opportunities for students and teachers to learn about and work on a project that focuses on a specific environmental issue. Through experimental learning at natural laboratories, students and teachers learn about the importance of coral reefs, and can help promote and encourage environmental stewardship throughout the island.

Furey said they used to focus on high schools, but this year they welcome the involvement of middle schools, including Mount Carmel School, Dandan Middle School, Saipan Southern High School, Kagman High School, Francisco Sablan Middle School and Tanapag Middle School.

“We are still waiting for the other schools’ confirmation,” she added.

On March 3, MINA will conduct a workshop/orientation for students and teachers. “MINA will bring in experts from [the Bureau of Environmental and Coastal Quality] and other volunteers who are experts in the topic,” Furey said, referring to coral reef and climate change.

“The participants will learn about conservation and develop an action plan for their campus,” she added.

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