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IN Micronesia, islanders celebrate their cultural independence through the performing arts — vocals, instrumental music and dance.

These include numerous cultural expressions that reflect human creativity and are also found, to some extent, in many other intangible cultural heritage domains including rituals, festive events or oral traditions.Photo by Antonio CabreraPhoto by Antonio Cabrera

The following individuals help promote the importance of Micronesia’s balanced environmental culture and traditional lifestyle:

Best cultural photos — Bill Jayes of Pohnpei, Harry R. Fritz, Ongerung Kambes Kesolei of Palau, Gordon Marciano & Robert Hunter of Saipan, Tanya Salas of Pohnpei/Saipan 

Best Culture Documentary — Pohnpei Cultural Day Celebration by Takuya Nagaoka & NGO Pasifika Reinnasance, Woleai by Bill Jaynes, & Yap Day By Harry R. Fritz

Best cultural lifestyle photos — David Atalig, Gloria Hunter, Emy Hiroichi, Merv Melatk, Dorisann Atalig, Ivan Blanco,  Junhan B. Todino, Lori Lyn C. Lirio Bryan Manabat of Saipan, and Uduch Sengebau Senior of Palau

Best Culture Lifestyle Film — Sling Throwing By Ned Pablo, Fish Cleaning Demonstration By Guam Daily Post, Joleen Toves, Easter Tradition by Jonathan San Nicolas, & Ongerung Kambes KesoleiPhotos by Gordon MarcianoPhotos by Gordon Marciano

Best environment and lifestyle photos — Edward B San Nicolas, Jarred Ray, Iara Lee, Pedro Toves,

Best Underwater Film — Richard Brooks & Lightning Strikes Production, “The Sanctuaries of Palau”

Best environmental marine photos — Richard Brooks, Baste Simer, Kaddish Ruluked, & Kambes Kesolei

Best environmental landscape photos — Imengel Mai,Ongerung Kambes Kesolei, Richard Brooks, Gordon Glasby, Antonio Cabrera, Dodge Roxas, Kathy Tellei

Best Environmental Beauty Documentary — Laffet Onka

Best Environmental Film — Moises Basa & Guam Tastemade Travel

Best Book/Author — William H. Alkire, “Coral Islanders”

Best sports and lifestyle photos — “6 get golden boot awards” by Roselyn Monroyo

Best Sports Documentary Film — Pohnpei Surf Club in the Caroline Islands of Micronesia,

Best sports photos — Jon Perez, James Sablan and Roselyn MonroyoTara Higa Photo by Mindy KyotaTara Higa Photo by Mindy Kyota


Fashion Design — Michael Pablo, Scott Weers, Marianas Tribes and Jesse Meno

Best Fashion & Creation Film — Kyle IG & Ryan Tenorio

Artwork — Jonathan San Nicolas

Tattoo Artwork — Scott King

Advocates/Icons — Mindy Kyota, Floria Kambalang, Bingch Antonio, Joy Baules, Mouais Tulop, Skymaster Lancaster, Lorraine Bandarii, Kosh Franz, Current CNMI,, 670 Rock Steady Shop, Born N Raised Clothing, Tattoo Art & Design Mega Vision by Dragon Edong,

Culture, tradition and lifestyle

Cultural Beauty Icons — Tanya Salas & Ololk Kazuo

Culture Beauty Advocates — Delia Joseph, Brengei Boise’s Ngowakl, Lusii Orrukem, Tara Higa, Agnes Mersai Laakso, Hermine Mersai, Sandra Kloulubak, Evette, Sumer Mersai Schmitz, Marka Gibbons,Glendalyn Lemari, Klilty Olgeriil

Cultural Beauty Advocates — Angaur Dancers by Ongerung Kambes Kesolei , 

Melvira Kazuma Culture Film,

Culture Icons — Jessie Kelmal, Irorou Masang, Elechong Darius and Zillah Wilter

Cultural Advocacy and Preservation — Peter Luzano, Pasquana Isaac, Maria Duenas, David Atalig, 

Culture Lifestyle Film — By Ongerung Kambes Kesolei

Environment, health and nutrition

Environmental Advocate Icons — Floria Kambalang, Bingch Antonio, Joy Baules, Mouais Tulop, Skymaster Lancaster, Lorraine Bandarii, Kosh Franz, 

Best Environmental Film/Documentary — “Micronesia Suffers Climate Change Impact,”

Environment & Health Beauty Advocate of the Month — Dodge Roxas, Nora Glasby, Sing Miyozawa, CJ Morros 

Chef of the Month — Jorge Carreon, Juanita Blas, Peggy Hanser & Harlan Derbai

Nutrition Icons — Jessica Juarez- Indalecio, Harlan Derbai, Nora Glasby, Bo Ngiraingas, Clint Wachi, Sing Miyozawa, Maryann Calvo, Peggy Hanser, Living in 680 and Joseph Camacho

Advocates — Akiko Udui, Joseph Camacho, & Williander Jones Orak

Local Diet Advocates — Jorge Carreon, Marilyn Rideb, Akiko Udui, & Peggy Hanser

Environmental Advocacy and Preservation Icons — Richard Brooks

 Photo by Karlim RulukedPhoto by Karlim Ruluked  Photo by Kambes KesoleiPhoto by Kambes Kesolei


 Athletes of the Month — Dolores Pua Rangamar, Connie Camacho, Angel San Nicolas

Advocates — Marianas Table Tennis Amateur Association, Team Guam, & NMB

 Photo by Bibbie Ilebrang KumangaiPhoto by Bibbie Ilebrang Kumangai Brengei Ngowakl Brengei Ngowakl   image8Photo by Kyle IG 


 Palau Polynesian Dancer — June Cabral

Best Performers: Colleen SN Cing, Yapese Bamboo Dancer Film by Kambes Kesolei

Best Music Video — Belau My Music By Rodeian Toribiong, Narrated by Radio/TV Host Rondy Ronny

Best Culture Film — NGO Pasifika Reinnasance, Pohnpei Culture Day

Kuam Culture Club

Film Actress — Rain Valdez

Filmmaker — Ongerung Kambes Kesolei a.k.a. OKK

Entertainment Beauty of the Month — 

Performers — Jim Geselbracht & Tony Philips

Film by Kambes Kesolei

Best Music Groups — Sheldon Eichi, 

Best Entertaining Film — Kambes Kesolei “Bealau Night Market” performers

Musical Artists of the Month — Kaiyo Bedasto, Ongukl Malsol, Umerei Andres, Klianged Jones, Howard Charles, 

Best Comedy Film — by Nicanor Mercado Growing Up Pilipino on Guam

Comedians of the Month — Nicole & Janelle, Two Girls & a What?, “Weird Tagalog Words”

Film by Nicole & Janelle

Comedy Advocates — Jon Juan, Ashley Eff, Sky Imetengel, Merv Melatk, Kingston Ace, Aileen Farley, Joseph Isechal, Simeon Adelbai, Mitsura D. Inoue, Ruth Thomas, Marino Kintaro

Youth and community

Photo by Kathy TelleiPhoto by Kathy Tellei   Photo by Floria KambalangPhoto by Floria Kambalang

Youth & Entertainment — Gennezrah Edangel Gabriel

Youth Best Photo — Palau PEC Youth by Kosh Franz, Bradley Kumangai, & Sheila Kailang

Youth Best Film Work — by Kosh Franz “Gennezrah Edangel Gabriel”


 Marino Kintaro, Ned Pablo, Ed Propst, Santy Asanuma, Glen Hunter, Dr. Takuya Nagaoka and Robert Hunter

Journalists, 680 Belau Recipe, 680 Omengat, Pasifika Renaissance and Dr. Takuya Nagaoka, Honolulu Civil Beat, Belau Photo 101 with Kambes Kesolei and Harry R. Fritz, Tia Belau Kambes Kesolei, Kaselehlie Press Pohnpei with Bill Jaynes, MV editor Zaldy Dandan, MV sports reporters James Sablan and Emmanuel T. Erediano, Palau 2013, Belau Useful Information with Merv Melatk, Olilai Ikesiil, Palau Fitness Group with Nora Glasby, Saipan Tribune, Chamorro People on Facebook David Atalig, ChuukYouth, PEC Youth Bradley Kumangai, MV reporters Bryan Manabat and Junhan Todino, Island Times’ Phillip and Leilani Reklai, Merirei Media LLC, Sha Merirei, Palau Town Hall News Work with Marilyn Rideb, Pacific Daily News, and Chamorro Mingles

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