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IN the islands, beauty is rooted in tradition and legends.

The Miss & Mr. Micronesia titles go to individuals who highlight, enhance and encourage Micronesian beauty through culture and fashion.

Miss Mesekiu is a traditional title that symbolizes the love and relationship of mother and daughter. According to Palauan legend, a young lady who dishonored her mother’s wish jumped into the ocean and turned into Mesekiu also known as Dugong or Lady of the Sea. In a similar Chamorro legend, a young lady turned into a mermaid or Sirena after disobeying her mother’s wishes.

Miss Surech is another traditional title that symbolizes true love. On Guam, there’s the legend of Two Lovers Point while in Palau, there’s the similarly tragic story of Surech and Dulei.

As for Miss Traditional, it is a title given to a woman of beauty who symbolizes the inner cultural essence of motherhood.

2018 beauties

Miss Micronesia 2018 — Tanya Salas of Pohnpei

Mr. Micronesia 2018 — Ned Pablo of Guam

Miss Mesekiu 2018 — Emrei Takeo

Miss Surech 2018 — Carmel Hanser

Mr. Dulei 2018 — Patrick Camacho of Guam

Miss Micronesia Culture 2018 — Baulbei Isechal of Palau

Culture Man 2018 — Jermy Uowolo of Yap

Miss Traditional 2018 — Glendalyn Lemari. Her hubby is Mr. Traditional 2018.

Micronesia Allure Beauty 2018 — Andrea Uchel of Palau

Allure Male — Roman Cress of the Marshall Islands

Micronesia Fashion Beauty 2018 — Delia Mariur Kotlaris of Pohnpei/Palau

Male Fashion — Vid Raatior of Chuuk

Culture Beauty Icons — Vema Jane Yechad, Jenna Mersai, Mesiual Sebangiol, Sanya, Melisa Rdechot, Shelby Kyota, Yuki Ngotel, Iyool Basilio, Visia Ise, Jenna Mersai, Ebibei Solang, Ubi Alonz, Lorna Val, Emerei Kumangai, Mesiual Sebangiol, Daniela Sikong, Jella Renguul, Aliil Renguul, D. Nolan, Hana Ubedei, Leicie E. Ongalibang, Lao Kika, Tara Higa, Ihra Polycarp, Lei Uriik Kumangai, Sarahly Okada, Tamae Adachi, Ngelulei Ililou, Lorna Val, Lavender Bsenge and Mirair Antonioimages/photos/misc/micronesia01XL.jpg

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