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TODAY we feature beauties, models and families who promote a healthy community and caring for one another. They also help maintain island traditions and culture.

Beautiful people

Miss Micronesia April 2018 — Torie Youngblood

Beauty Fashion — Maria Asia, islander in the states

Allure Beauty — Delia Kotlaris of Pohnpei and Maryann Arriola of Saipan

Traditional Beauty —  Clarissa Mobel and Yuki Ngotel of Palau

Cultured Beauty — Joanny Kesolei of Palau and Koin Nethon of Chuuk

Man of Micronesia — Ed Propst of Saipan

Traditional — Marino Kintaro in the U.S. and Harlan Derbai of Palau

Cultured — Gordon Marciano of Saipan

Fashion — Jacob Bennett, islander in the states

Allure — Dodge Roxas of the Philippines

Families  and children

Child of the Month — Junior by Allyne Kikuhara of Palau

Junior Miss Micronesia — Princess by Eyne Aichi Islander in States

Traditional — Princesses by Justino Demk of Palau

Cultured — Princess by Aileen Farley of Saipan

Fashion — Princess Tilisa Peteru by Veisinia Peteru of Saipan/Tonga

Allure — Princess by Kathy a Tellei of Palau

Junior Mr. Micronesia — Junior by Della Dengir Swei, islander in the states

Traditional — Junior by Harlan Derbai

Allure — Junior by Frank “The Crank” Camacho of Saipan

Fashion — Junior by Linda Aldan of Saipan

Culture — Junior by Allyne Kikuhara

Families and hope

Mother of Hope — Aileen Farley of Saipan

Father of Hope —  Vaughnray Solomon

Micronesia’s Children of the Month — by Maryann Arriola, Dorisann and David Atalig, Ganny Madracheluib, Uduch Sengebau Senior, Toribiong Sakaziro,

Families of the Month — UshLuii, Lorraine Emul, Beverly Mongami, Maryann Arriola, Crystal Meltel, Vivian Eledui, Michael Holm, Lorna Bolwaisei, Uduch Sengebau Senior, Joyce Kloulechad, Harlan Derbai, Ganny Madracheluib, Seema Kloulubak, Samantha Rechelluul, Kristine Towai, Alfonsa Koshiba, Lyndon Johnson, Peggy Hanser, Gloria and Glen Hunter, Akiko Beketaut, Johnston Adrekeroi,

Couple of the Month —  Ivan Blanco and Carmen Sablan, DorisAnn and David Atalig, Sandra and Mr. Pierantozzi,  Sarah and Frank Camacho

Groups of the Month — Sayuri Marumoto,Team Angel Demapan, Ed Propst, Ibuuch Tomoichi, Kevin Adachi, Sing Miyozawa, Saipan Church of Christ, Nakano PEC Youth, Uduch Sengebau Senior, Phil Mendiola, Crystal Meltel, Team Empty Vessel and Hirotsugu Nakano

LGBTQ community and advocacy

LGBT Culture — Nobert Tenorio

LGBT Allure — Klemme Knowles

LGBT of the Month — Joan Oliverio

Advocate — Joan Oliverio

LGBT Beauty and Fashion — Williander Jones Orak and  Tely Marsil

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