MHS wins 3rd place in Guam ‘green’

MARIANAS High School finished third at the 2017 Green Dream School Campus Competition during the Sustainability Conference at the University of Guam on April 17.

The Dolphinatic Architects are Ian Cataluna, Anjenette Jewel Cubangbang, Michaela Gatdula, Marie Manebo, Hajin Oh and Melissa Santos.

MHS principal Cherlyn Cabrera said the students’ project incorporated eco-friendly and renewable energy that was cost-effective and easy to maintain.

“They used MHS as model for their project. When they were starting this project, they asked for a blueprint of the school, took pictures of every building and worked with the current construction and school layout. From there, they started planning how to have sustainable energy for the existing buildings at MHS,” Cabrera said in an interview.

She said MHS is very proud of the Dolphinatic Architects’ achievement, adding that their project showed the students to be innovative and creative.

The project, she said, included a vegetable garden on the roof to help cool down the building while providing healthy food for the school.

The Dolphinatic Architects competed against students from eight other schools on Saipan and Guam: Simon Sanchez High School, Guam Adventist Academy, Kagman High School, Okkodo High School, Saipan Southern High School, St. John’s School, St. Paul Christian School and JFK High School, which won first prize. St. John’s was second while KHS was fourth.

The Dolphinatic Architects won third prize at the 2017 Green Dream School Campus Competition on Guam. MHS photo

“We are proud of our students,” Cabrera said. “They used what they’ve learned in Math, Science and other subjects to come up with a concept and incorporate it in a real-life situation.”

She said MHS encourages project-based learning to give students real-life situation problems and the chance to come up with solutions using what they’ve learned in the classroom.

“This kind of project sticks with them. It helps them remember the process, helps them understand more about Math, Science and other things. It gives them a new perspective too,” she added.

This year’s competition required the students to come up with a sustainability plan for their respective campuses. This plan was to encompass any and all aspects of environmental sustainability. Students were expected to conduct extensive research on appropriate sustainable practices, green technologies as well as systems and designs that could be implemented at their school.

According to Jeannifer Cubangbang, the project adviser of the Dolphinatic Architects, the students “presented their sustainability action plan through aerial video, model and PowerPoint presentations.”

She said they “incorporated ingenious renovations that are eco-friendly, innovative and cost-effective that can actually be used by MHS and the Public School System for future consideration. Their sustainable action plan also included a maintenance plan with projected costs as the student’s research showed that maintenance costs were not factored into some energy solutions implemented in other Saipan schools.”

Cubabang said the Dolphins are grateful to the Board of Education and the Public School System for their support. She said they are also thankful for the students’ past and current teachers, parents and engineer-mentors Rufin Inos Jr. and Andre Tenorio of GHD Inc., Nicolette Villagomez of the Commonwealth Utilities Corporation and Rachel Fusco of the PSS Capital Improvement Project office.

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