MHS senior wins Achieve3000 literacy skill competition

MARIANAS High School senior Prudencio Cabrera was recognized by Achieve3000 for completing four lessons during the Christmas break.

Achieve3000 is an online program contracted by the Public School System which delivers differentiated instruction for nonfiction reading and writing to develop literacy skills among students.

In December 2017, Achieve3000 launched a contest, Make the Break competition, where students were required to complete a four-part activity during the holiday break from Dec. 21, 2017 to Jan. 4, 2018.

They chose one winner from each State, with Cabrera winning in the CNMI. He received Beats earphones by Dr. Dre.

He said he was aware of the contest, but had not planned on taking part.

Before the Christmas break, Cabrera said his AP Literature teacher Jeremiah Rother asked them to do four activities at Achieve3000.

“I had no clue that it was for the competition. I thought he was asking us to do this for the grade. I thought to myself, I need to get this done. He required us to do it four weeks in order to get a hundred. I went right into it. I didn’t know that if you did the article within that time range, you were automatically in the competition. I didn’t really pay much attention to it, but I did the article. I just wanted to do my work and get it over with,” he said.

At first, Cabrera was not even aware that he had won. One of his aunts asked him if he won in Achieve3000.

“I said no,” Cabrera said, adding he does not remember registering for the competition.

“When I opened my Achieve3000 account, I received a notification saying that I was one of the winners in the 2017 Make the Break competition. They gave me a link for the list of the winners. I clicked the link and scrolled down, and it said Prudencio Cabrera, MHS, CNMI,” he said.

“I am happy that I won, and even happier with what I’ve won,” he said in an interview.

According to Cabrera, Achieve3000 helped him expand his vocabulary and improved his comprehension level,” he said.

MHS vice principal Karen Alla said all their students received the articles at their own level. “The goal was to increase their reading level and to prepare them from either college or a career.”

She said the language arts, social studies and science departments have implemented the Achieve3000 program in all the classes.

“We have assigned the language arts department to have students complete two assignments per week and then with science and social studies, we assigned them to complete one every other week. In doing that, students get more practice and more exposure to vocabulary words and their comprehension skill gets developed because the articles are based on their level. That is what we have done this year to make sure there’s growth in students’ comprehension level,” Alla explained.

She added their goal for this year is to have 90 percent of their students gain at least 75 percent in reading and comprehension skills.

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