MHS POLKSAI Chamorro Club wins several prizes in Guam competition

(Press Release) — Marianas High School POLKSAI Chamorro Club competed at the 2017 Inacha’igen Fino Chamorro Language Competition in Guam on March 12-13, 2017.

The theme for this competition was I FINO’ CHAMORU: Ta Hungok, Ta Li’e’, Ta Sångan, pues Nihi ta Mantieni! It was their 12th time to compete in this event. The competition event included the following categories: Oratorical, Poetry Recitation, Proficiency, Individual Female and Male singing, Song with Dance, Umestoria, Kantan Chamorrita, and Dramatic Cultural Interpretation.

MHS POLKSAI Chamorro Club will perform at the Flame Tree Arts Festival on April 20, 2017 at 5 p.m. at Garapan Fishing Base. Contributed photo

The competition results are 6 Gold, 4 Silver, and 2 Bronze.

1st Place – Oratorical (Elyshia Pangelinan)

2nd Place – Poetry (Toremy Diaz)

2nd Place – Female Singer (Laurina Sebaklim)

3rd Place – Male Singer (Jack Rabago)

1st Place – Umestoria (10th Grade Division) Jack Rabago

1st Place – Umestoria (11th Grade Division) Elyshia Pangelinan

Proficiency (Reading Comprehension Test, Reading Outloud, and Impromptu)

1st Place – Proficiency (Jack Rabago)

2nd Place – Proficiency (Monica Lizama)

3rd Place – Proficiency (Nicole Ayuyu)

2nd Place – Song with Dance (Karen Agulto, Jeszerre Seman, Kierah Lee, Toremy Diaz, Laurina Sebaklim, Luis Cepeda, Piling Terlaje, Christian Ayuyu, Jack Rabago, )

1st Place – Dramatical Interpretation Skit (Elyshia Pangelinan, Rose Dela Cruz, Maria Manabat, Rosalynn Redor, Nicole Ayuyu, Jaylene Reyes, Monica Lizama,)  

1st Place – Kantan Chamorrita (Genae Forbes, Jaylene Reyes, Caitlin Magofna, Rose Dela Cruz, Nicole Ayuyu, Rosalynn Redor, Maria Manabat, Sara Flores, Sharmaine Cabrera, and Jack Nicholas Rabago,)

MHS POLKSAI Chamorro Club and the advisors would like to thank the Public School System, MHS Dolphin Family, House of Representatives, mayor of Saipan, Bonded Material, SmartStart Learning, Quickprint, and numerous others for their generous donation to make this trip possible and a great success. We would also like to thank Luis John Castro for his continuous support as he continues to share his wealth of knowledge and passion for the Chamorro Performing Arts.

MHS POLKSAI Chamorro Club will also be attending the 1st Annual Chamorro Gilita Festival in Rota from April 25-29, 2017. Once again, MHS POLKSAI would like to express Un Dangkulu na Si’ Yu’us Ma’asi to the Public School System, Mayor’s Office, House of Representatives, and the MHS Dolphin Family for making it possible for them to attend this event. The group will be performing at the Flame Tree Arts Festival on April 20, 2017 starting off with the Re-enactment of the Sakman Arrival at 5 p.m. Come join and celebrate with them at Garapan Fishing Base.

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