Mesngon asks AG to resolve GPPC protest

SENATE Vice President Steve Mesngon is asking Attorney General Edward Manibusan to resolve the issue between the Department of Public Works and GPPC regarding the bidding for a Rota road project so it can move forward.

Mesngon is hoping that the AG will expedite the resolution of GPPC’s protest so that “the long-awaited Route 10 project can move forward.”

The chairman of the Rota legislative delegation said the project was put on hold because of GPPC’s ongoing protest.

Route 10 is Rota’s main highway from the airport to Songsong.

Mesngon said the road requires reconstruction in order to fix the drainage system and “correct the crown of the highway.”

Mesngon said “so many accidents have occurred in the past because the road surface was slippery on rainy days due to the improper crowning of the highway in those areas.”

He said the Route 10 project design, which was completed in 2008, involves the reconstruction of the road to provide proper drainage system and make the road safer for motorists.

Eight years after the completion of the design, DPW solicited bids for the project.

GPPC submitted a bid for $3.9 million while Radiocom’s bid amounted to a much lower price: $1.9 million.

Radiocom was then requested to submit documents to support its bid.

Radiocom replied by submitting information that included a large change order of $825,000.

DPW decided to cancel the bid and issue a new invitation to bid. But GPPC asserted that the IFB was illegal and filed a protest on Feb. 21, 2018.

Mesngon said Route 10 is very important to the residents of Rota, adding that they have waited for a decade for the project to finally get off the ground.

“With the GPPC protest, there is no second-guessing how much longer the people of Rota will have to wait,” the senator said in his letter to the AG.

“The long awaited project and further delays as a result of the protest send a poor message regarding the use of NMI highway funds,” he added.

“In a letter dated March 9, 2018, Delegate Gregorio Kilili Sablan informed the governor of recent efforts to increase federal highway funds to the commonwealth. On Jan. 31, 2018, Congressman Kilili jointly with Representative Radewagen of American Samoa sent a letter to the Federal Highway Administration acting administrator, Brandye Henrickson, seeking a change in the allocation formula for Territorial Highway Program funds. In response, FHwA noted that the NMI has an unobligated balance of $5,818,993.It also noted that since 2006, the NMI has obligated only 48 percent its highway funds,” Mesngon said.

“On behalf of the Rota delegation, I am humbly requesting your assistance in expediting the resolution of the GPPC protest so that the long-awaited Route 10 project can move forward,” he told the AG.

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