Meet Oscar Torres, one of MVA’s Tinian field workers

TINIAN — Oscar Torres is one of four field personnel with the Marianas Visitors Authority assigned to the island’s historical and tourist sites.

“I’ve been two years now in this work and I still enjoy it,” said Torres, who relocated from Guam where his parents, siblings and other relatives reside.

Torres helps clean and maintain the House of Taga, Suicide Cliff, the Sumiyoshi Shinto Shrine, and areas near the Commonwealth Utilities Corp. power plant and fuel bunkers.

Each weekday, he reports for work at 7:30 a.m. and returns his government-issued vehicles and equipment to the MVA office at 4:30 p.m.

“I’m not afraid to work alone. I’m used to the situation,” he said as he cleaned up the Sumiyoshi Shinto Shrine located in a very remote site on Tinian.

Torres said sometimes he’ll met tourists, but often there’s nobody but him at a particular site.

When Tinian celebrated its annual fiesta recently, he said he chose to work. “It was the best time to work; I could maintain the areas where the visitors were.”

On Tinian, he said,  MVA management gives field personnel specific work areas.

He said the supervisor can see if they are doing their job just by inspecting the work areas.

Torres expressed his appreciation to community members and tourists for their cooperation, saying it is rare to see soda cans, empty bottles, food containers or other trash at tourist sites.

“So I spend most of my time picking up dry leaves,” he said.

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