Mayor’s office to pick up junk cars again

THE Saipan mayor’s office will again start picking up junk cars this week, Mayor David M. Apatang said.

“This is a collaborative effort with the Saipan Zoning office that is tagging abandoned vehicles,” he said.

“There are lots of junk cars in villages, he said, adding that tagged junk vehicles are supposed to be removed from public view or anywhere they might endanger public safety.

Mayor’s field operation director Joann Aquino said owners of abandoned vehicles are being warned about the removal of their units.

She said the mayor’s office has arranged with the recycling companies Basula Producto and FSM to collect the junk cars.

Last year, the operation became stalled due to limited space at the recycling companies’ stock yards.

Some owners of abandoned vehicles also removed the tags which made it difficult for the Mayor’s Office and Zoning Office to identify junk cars.

In the Marianas Working Group meeting last week, Apatang said leaders from Guam and CNMI identified trash, junk cars and littering as being among their challenges.

“The owners of abandoned vehicles don’t seem to care about the laws,” he said.

The mayor said car-shop owners should also be mindful about their clients’ vehicles undergoing repair, some of which are illegally parked along the road and blocking pedestrians.

Source: Marianas Variety :

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