Mayor’s office, students, other volunteers clean up Saipan cemeteries

THE Saipan mayor’s office and volunteers, including students, spruced up the Chalan Kanoa cemetery in preparation for All Saints Day and All Souls Day on Nov. 1 and 2.

Mayor David Apatang said they also cleaned the cemetery in Tanapag and the veterans cemetery in Marpi.

“This has been our regular operation during All Saints Day,” he said, referring to the cleanups.

“We get asphalt from the [Commonwealth Port Authority] to pave the surrounding roads of the [CK] cemetery,” Apatang told Variety.

A 40-foot dumpster was provided by the Department of Public Works, he added.

Overgrown vegetation behind the former Karidat office was removed to create additional parking spaces in the area, the mayor said.

“People are already cleaning and repainting tombs but they also have lots of trash,” he added.

Community volunteer Max Aguon joined the JROTC cadets from Saipan Southern High School and Kagman High School during a cleanup over the weekend.

The Friends of Cemetery led by Jeff Camacho and Doris Sanchez also conducted a cleanup at the Chalan Kanaoa cemetery.

Source: Marianas Variety :

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