Mayor’s office prepares Mt. Tapochau road for Good Friday trek

By Junhan B. Todiño
[email protected]
Variety News Staff
THE Saipan Mayor’s Office has deployed three teams, each comprising 10 members, to spruce up the areas around Mt. Tapochau in preparation for the Catholic faithful’s Good Friday trek.

Field operation director Joann Aquino said Mayor David M. Apatang also dispatched some of the office’s vehicles and equipment during the operation to make sure the road used by the pilgrims is safe during the tradition of hiking. She said the roadside clearing operation started from the entrance of Tapochau Road all the way to the peak of Mt. Tapochau. “We are anticipating people to use the roadside for parking of their cars,” she said. On Wednesday and Thursday, the cleanup teams will spray the area with water to mitigate the dust, she said. The Saipan Mayor’s Office is mindful about the recent advisory from Homeland Security, Emergency Management Office and National Weather Services, informing the public about the drought in the Northern Marianas, which is expected to worsen in the next couple of weeks, she said. Aquino said the mayor’s office will start setting up a tent on Thursday at the pilgrims’ annual trek route. They will be distributing bottled water, oranges and bananas to the people participating in the Good Friday tradition of hiking, she added, with the mayor leading in the distribution of refreshment to the pilgrims.

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