Mayor’s office can’t do anything about noisy dogs

SAIPAN Mayor David M. Apatang said his office has been receiving complaints about noisy dogs, but he can’t do anything about it because the animal control program addresses only stray dogs and road-kills.

“There are many cases of dogs being too noisy and barking throughout the night disturbing the peace of the neighbors,” he added.

David M. Apatang

A Garapan resident recently complained that dogs were being kept in tiny cages at the J&P Apartments in Garapan. He said the dogs were never taken out for walks and they were always barking.

He brought up the issue to the Department of Public Safety which told him that DPS cannot do anything if the dogs are indoors and are on private property.

Apatang said if there’s a law against drunk persons making trouble especially late in the evening, there must also be a law against owners not attending to the needs of their pets.

 “We will try to discuss this with the Legislature,” he added.

Rep. Ed Propst has introduced House Bill 20-24 “to prohibit cruelty and theft of animals and to provide penalties for such acts.” The House has passed the bill but it remains pending in the Senate.

Meantime, Apatang said he has instructed stray dog control program manager Spencer Merchadesh to continue their information campaign.

Merchadesh, for his part, said they will also pick up licensed dogs if not leashed and are “roaming around.”

The mayor said two vehicles and six employees are implementing the stray dog control program in the villages.

“We are, for example, picking up stray dogs in the Garapan tourist district and in Dandan because we’ve been getting lots of reports about stray dogs there,” the mayor added.

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