Mariano Satur gets 12 years for sexual assault of a minor

MARIANO M. Satur Jr. will serve 12 years in jail after pleading guilty on Tuesday to sexual assault in the second degree. The victim is a 13-year-old girl.

Superior Court Judge Kenneth L. Govendo sentenced Satur to 15 years in prison with 12 years to serve without a possibility of parole or early release, but with three years suspended.

The defendant was also given credit of 72 days for time served and was ordered to report to the Department of Corrections on Nov. 2, 2017 at 8 a.m. to start serving his sentence.

Satur, 41, will be placed on a 10-year probation upon his release. In addition, he will register and comply with all the provisions of the CNMI Sex Offender Registry.

Satur will likewise pay all court costs and fees associated with his case.

During the change of plea proceeding held on Tuesday, the defendant was represented by Assistant Public Defender Nancy Dominski while Assistant Attorney General Teri Tenorio appeared for the government.

As part of the plea agreement, the government dismissed the other charges against Satur: sexual assault in the first degree, assault and battery, assault and disturbing the peace.

The prosecution said that on March 19, 2017, Satur went into a room where the victim was sleeping and tried to pull down her short pants. The victim woke up and tried to run away from him so he pulled her back down to the bed and again tried to touch her, but she managed to run away.

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