Marianas Political Status Commission to elect officers

THE newly appointed members of the Second Marianas Political Status Commission will convene on March 1 to elect officers.

Speaker Ralph Demapan, the presiding officer, has scheduled a first meeting of the Second Marianas Political Status Commission for Thursday, March 1 in 1:30 pm at the House Chamber.

This will be the first time that the nine members of the Second Marianas Political Status Commission will convene to organize formally.

The agenda for the first meeting is to elect a chair person, vice chairperson and a secretary.

Demapan and Senate President Arnold Palacios will be ex-officio ,non-voting members of the Commission.

Governor Ralph Torres appointed nine individuals to serve as members of the Status Commission: Fermin Atalig and Aubrey Hocog for the First Senatorial District, Kimberly King-Hinds and Richard Lazaro for the Second Senatorial District, John Gonzales, Frank Rabauliman, Elizabeth D. Rechebei, Rosemond Santos and Pete Reyes for Third Senatorial District.

The nine members were appointed in December. The purpose of the Status Commission is to re-evaluate and re-assess the relationship between the United States and the Commonwealth and re-examine whether the people of the Commonwealth desire continuing the Political Union with the United States.

Former Felicidad Ogumoro authored House Bill 19-2 establishing the Political Status Commission which became Public Law 19-63.

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