Man wanted in Las Vegas arrested on Saipan

A MAN wanted in Las Vegas was arrested on Saipan by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, according to documents mass emailed on Sunday by an anonymous source, “spnwikileaks.”

Based on the documents, Changwei Xu was released from detention and is represented by the Torres Brothers law firm.

Xu has a pending felony warrant from Clark Country district attorney’s bad checks unit for “nonsufficient funds/checks,” and bail was set at $7,354,225, according to the documents.

A document from the CNMI Department of Corrections stated that CBP placed Xu under a 48-hour hold pending the outcome of a possible extradition to Nevada.

The document titled “House Arrest Contract and Release” stated that Xu “has agreed to submit his passport to the Department of Corrections and is being placed under house arrest….”

The document also stated that Xu or “Best Sunshine will pay all fees associated with the house arrest….”

An email to Corrections from Torres Brothers, LLC dated Oct. 5, 2017 was also among the documents mass emailed by “spnwikileaks.”

The Torres Brothers email stated that Xu “has several medical conditions which require special care and close monitoring by proper caretakers. His medical conditions include 1) Type II diabetes; 2) high blood pressure; 3) diabetic retinopathy; and rheumatic heart disease. He is required to take insulin and heart disease medication, and have his blood sugar level monitored regularly.”

Variety was unable to get comments from CBP, Corrections, Best Sunshine or the Torres law firm, but Press Secretary Kevin Bautista replied to this reporter’s email and said:

“The administration understands that there are ongoing legal proceedings outside of the commonwealth and in Clark County specifically, and we cannot comment until those proceedings reach a resolution. But what we do know is this. The aforementioned individual was taken into custody by U.S. CBP officers through coordination with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and our local DPS and Corrections officers. The individual has several preexisting medical conditions and has agreed, through legal counsel, to cooperate with local, state, and federal law enforcement until such time that he is extradited to Nevada for further legal procedures.

“To be clear, we will not tolerate any sort of money laundering, and it is our intention to work with federal authorities through our casino commission to ensure that these illegal activities are addressed through the legal process. Our local law enforcement remains fully cooperative with federal and state authorities and will do its part to ensure that this individual goes through the proper legal procedure in the proper jurisdiction (Las Vegas).”

In Oct. 2011, “spnwikileaks,” using a different email address, mass emailed a copy of a sealed public auditor’s report involving allegations against then-Attorney General Edward Buckingham.

Source: Marianas Variety :

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