Man charged for choking wife released from custody

A 63 year-old man, who was arrested for allegedly strangling his wife because there was no cooked rice when he came home after a night of drinking, was released by the local court from custody.

Superior Court Associate Judge Kenneth L. Govendo granted the release of Francisco Faisao Mettao from custody at the bail hearing on Tuesday after the government prosecutor made the motion.

Assistant attorney general Frances Demapan, appearing for the government, made the motion to release Mettao from the custody of the Department of Corrections due to the fact that the detective did not timely file the criminal complaint within the 24 hours rule.

The court did not impose any cash bail on Mettao.

The AG’s office will re-file the criminal complaint or summon Mettao to answer to the charges, Variety learned.

The court appointed assistant public defender, Ben Haile to represent Mettao in the court proceedings.

Mettao was charged with assault and battery, false arrest, and disturbing the peace.

According to the police, on March 9, 2018 at 11:01 pm, they responded to a domestic disturbance call in Kagman III.

Police met with the victim, and she was observed to have reddish bruising on her arms, back, chest, and neck area.

The victim told police that her husband prevented her from leaving their home after an argument.

She said Mettao also choked her inside their bedroom.

She said that her husband came home after a night of drinking and wanted to eat rice, but after discovering there was no cooked rice left over, he began to harass her.

To avoid further problems, she attempted to leave the house.

According to the victim, Mettao with both of his hands, grabbed her by the head and pulled her back from leaving.

She said that she ran to the bedroom for safety, but Mettao forced his way in and pushed her to the bed, pinning her head on the bed with his right forearm.

Police said Mettao then strangled his wife with both hands, prompting her to reach for a lit up candle, spilling the candle wax on Mettao.

The victim told police that Mettao became angrier and strangled her again.

The defendant told police that he arrived home after drinking at a relative’s house.

Mettao claimed that he wanted to eat but found out there was no food readily available causing an argument with his wife.

Mettao said when his wife attempted to leave he grabbed her and brought her to the bedroom, and pushed her down onto the bed.

He said he struggled with his wife trying to take the keys away from her so that she won’t be able to leave.

Police said Mettao eventually got off from the victim and went outside. The victim locked herself in the room until police arrived.

Source: Marianas Variety :

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