LJ Castro announces House candidacy

SAIPAN and Northern Islands Municipal Council Chairman Luis John D.L.G. Castro has officially announced his intention to seek one of the Precinct 1 seats in the House of Representatives.

He is running on the NMI Republican Party slate.

“Running for this office was something I had wanted to do in the past, but due to certain setbacks I was not able to. Now, with encouragement from friends and loved ones, it is an ambition I’m excited to seek,” he said.

Luis John D.L.G. CastroLuis John D.L.G. Castro

As a member of municipal council for the past two years, Castro said he learned many things that greatly enriched his knowledge of public service and his desire to continue serving the people of the CNMI.

“As a youth, I learned the value of helping our fellow man, woman and child from serving as a minister in church, something I continue to do to this day. It was that experience which in turn inspired me to learn more about service from our civic realm as a three-term member of the CNMI Youth Congress,” he said.

Castro said he learned early on that a “public office is a public trust.”

He added, “Through that time, I picked up many traits that helped me along my professional development, including knowing the importance of being strong willed both in capacity and cultural awareness. Through the process of learning, I was privileged to get the opportunity to work under two great leaders: the late Gov. Eloy S. Inos and our current governor, Ralph D.L.G. Torres.”

 He said while learning and watching Inos and Torres help their constituents, his desire to serve was been reinvigorated. The passion of the two officials inspired him to run for a seat on the municipal council, he added. “Now it is the fuel for my desire to seek higher office, along with wanting a better Precinct 1 for our children and our elderly.”

Castro said his platform is founded on the principles of “commitment, collaboration and community.”

“With these ‘Three C’s’ as I like to call them, I hope to draft legislation together with my colleagues in the Legislature that will not only benefit our precinct, but the entire commonwealth as a whole and continue the progress that has been made so far.”

If given the opportunity to serve as a lawmaker, he said he would once again do all he can to make sure that the needs of the people are addressed to the fullest extent.

“I will continue with the pledge of working with the central and municipal administrations, along with members of the legislative delegation to address important issues through teamwork and dialogue. It is my commitment and hope that through these avenues, the quality of life of Precinct 1 will be better for those who call it home and for future generations.”

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