Liberation booth concession contest starts on Saturday

ORGANIZERS of the 2017 Liberation festivities are encouraging vendors to decorate their booths and win exciting prizes in the first ever Liberation booth competition.

The decorations should be made of “natural and indigenous materials,” Liberation Royal Court committee chair Laila Y. Boyer said. The prizes will be announced soon.

Maria Valentina Haberman of the Liberation logistics committee said the contest will begin on June 24, Saturday, during the opening of the 11-day festivities at the Garapan Fishing Base.

The winners will be announced on the following day, she said.

During a briefing with the vendors on Wednesday, Liberation festivity organizers also discussed safety precautions especially for food vendors who will be cooking at the activity ground.

Officers from the Department of Fire and Emergency Medical Services said vendors should have a fire extinguisher, and they should not overload sockets when using an electrical extension cord.

The 2017 Liberation Committee meets with vendors to discuss activities for the opening of festivities this Saturday, June 24, at the Garapan Fishing Base. Photo by Junhan B. Todiño

Haberman said inspectors will conduct unannounced sanitation inspections, adding that they have the authority to shut down a booth which does not comply with requirements.

Saipan Mayor David. M. Apatang said his office will provide a dumpster and trash bins for the booth concessions.

He said vendors should keep their surroundings clean during the festivities.

There are only two vendors allowed to sell beverages at the festival site — Saipan Brewing Co. and Marpac.

Also on Wednesday, Liberation organizers distributed vehicle passes to vendors.

Police Sgt. Anthony I. Macaranas, who represents the Department of Public Safety on the committee, said they will strictly enforce traffic policy, adding that, in the past, some vendors “abused” their vehicle passes.

Organizers said vendors are provided with parking spaces at the site, but they must follow the designated time to enter and leave the parking area.

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