‘Let’s enjoy the 4th of July’

GOVERNOR Ralph D.L.G. Torres is asking the public to ensure that their surroundings are kept clean and litter-fee while watching and enjoying Liberation Day activities.

He says as everyone prepares to enjoy the parade which marks the celebration of Liberation Day, they should also be responsible and keep the area clean, making sure nothing is left behind that will take away from the island’s natural beauty.

The governor said Liberation Day is also a day of reflection.

“July 4 is always a holiday, a party, a break and a time to watch the parade, but on top of that we should also remember and pay tribute to those that make sacrifices so that we can have this freedom today. We still have men and women, brothers and sisters who are fighting for freedom, and we should appreciate that,” he said.

“Please enjoy the festivities with the mayor’s office and other government agencies — celebrate and spend time with family and friends. But at the end of the day, please be safe, don’t drink and drive. If you drink then have somebody else drive and, most importantly, clean up.”

For his part, Lt. Gov. Victor Hocog said the CNMI should appreciate and recognize the men and women who fought to protect the United States and its freedom.

“Let’s enjoy our freedom. Let’s find justice in the commonwealth and peace for everyone,” he added.

Liberation Day in the CNMI commemorates America’s Independence Day and the opening of the gates of Camp Susupe in 1946.

After the battle of Saipan in 1944, locals were interned in Camp Susupe where they remained until it was closed on July 4, 1946 and they were allowed to return to their homes.

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