Leepan wants to work with MVA

THE Marianas Visitors Authority’s plan to limit the hours of operation at the Grotto to ensure safety is commendable, but it would be more appropriate to incorporate it into a measure that imposes fees on tourists who visit tourist sites and conservation areas, Rep. Joseph Leepan T. Guerrero said, adding that he is willing to work with MVA.

He said he will propose closing the entrance to the Grotto site and authorize the Division of Parks and Recreation to collect fees which will be used to improve the tourist site.

“Maybe we could install glass in an extended lookout at the Grotto where tourists can walk and see through below,” he added.

He said MVA should also be concerned about the condition of the steps going down to the Grotto because they pose a risk to divers carrying heavy diving equipment.

He recommends that MVA waits for the passage of Rep. Alice S. Igitol’s House Bill 20-26 and his House Bill 20-71.

H.B. 20-26 will authorize the Division of Fish and Wildlife to regulate marine sports and activities within the waters of conservation areas and sanctuaries, and impose and collect conservation area management fees by regulation.

H.B. 20-71 will make the Department of Lands and Natural Resource responsible for collecting the Managaha fees. Currently, the Department of Public Lands is the recipient of the Managaha fees.

Guerrero said he would like to work with MVA to implement these measures once they become law.

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