Leepan: Homes for NMDs instead of homestead lots Barcinas

REPRESENTATIVE Joseph Leepan T. Guerrero said the government should provide qualified persons of Northern Marianas descent with housing units ready for occupancy instead of homestead lots.

In this way, Guerrero said, the government would not have to go through the “hassle” of building homestead infrastructure.

In a separate interview, Department of Public Lands Secretary Marianne C. Teregeyo said Guerrero’s idea is feasible, but it has to be backed by appropriation.

“It should also be worked out with [the Northern Marianas Housing Corp.] and [the Marianas Public Land Trust]. DPL will certainly provide the land, but we are not the housing authority,” Teregeyo said.

“The lead agency should be NMHC as they are the housing authority. We can just designate the land as it directly benefits people of NMD. Again, it should be backed by funding.”

She said DPL cannot pay for the construction of apartments or housing units, adding that they are only allowed to use funds from public land leases for operational expenses and homestead planning.

As for DPL’s $1 million land-use plan, she said they have identified a company that will develop it.

A land-use plan is a master inventory of all public lands, including their types, uses, and zoning prohibitions. It will also identify ideal sites for homesteads, community recreational sites, and business development.

Teregeyo said they are also finalizing the maps for the homestead lots on Pagan.

She said if the general public wants to get more information about DPL, its programs and projects, they can go to

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