Lawmakers, agencies discuss Sugar Dock restoration

SPEAKER Ralph Demapan said interagency discussions are ongoing to plan for the restoration of Sugar Dock, one of the most popular recreational spots on island.

Demapan said he and Rep. John Paul Sablan have been meeting with various regulatory agencies for this purpose.

He said they have met with representatives of the Bureau of Environmental and Coastal Quality, the Historic Preservation Office, the Department of Public Lands, the Department of Lands and Natural Resources and the Department of Public Works.

Sugar Dock is deteriorating and posing safety hazard, Demapan said.

The area was torn down and barricaded but people are still entering the site..

“The meetings are ongoing, and the next one is tentatively scheduled for April 18 to discuss where we are right now and how we can proceed with the restoration project,” the speaker said.

Prior discussions have revealed that the area needs to be assessed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, he added.

“We were able to discuss possible solutions. We all agreed that DPL will take the lead and address regulatory issues since DPL is the agency that owns the location. DPL will coordinate with other regulatory agencies to address  regulatory issues,” Demapan said.

“The plan is to secure the area and restore the dock so the Army Corps can conduct a feasibility study. We will wait for the assessment to be performed and completed. We need an expert to do that so we can ensure the safety of the public,” the speaker said.

Source: Marianas Variety :

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