Language commission will help solve PSS teacher shortage, official says

A REVIVED Chamorro/Carolinian Language Policy Commission will help address the shortage of teachers in the Public School System, PSS language and heritage studies program manager Jonas Barcinas said.

He said the commission will be the “driving force for individuals planning to apply to be teachers or instructors of Chamorro/Carolinian Languages and Heritage Studies.”

Jonas Barcinas

He said the commission will play a vital role in creating the criteria for certifying individuals who do not hold a degree in bilingual and bicultural studies, but have a “solid” cultural and language background especially in local arts and crafts, traditional navigation, storytelling, fishing and farming.

“Once there are rules and policies in place, the commission can help resolve PSS staffing shortages in this area,” he added.

Barcinas said the language commission should work closely with the PSS human resources office and the Board of Education licensure office to ensure that the commission’s certification procedures are aligned with those of PSS.

Under the law, the commission has eight members appointed by the governor. They must be of Chamorro or Carolinian descent, and proficient in one of the native languages.

The previous members’ terms of office have expired and local culture advocates are now compiling a list of possible nominees whose names will be submitted to the governor.

Source: Marianas Variety :

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