Land compensation gets 30% of casino tax payments

LAND compensation accounts for 30 percent of the appropriations from the casino gross revenue tax payments for fiscal 2018, the Legislature’s fiscal analysis shows.


The Settlement Fund got 22 percent, the Public School System, 19  percent, and the Commonwealth Healthcare Corp., 8 percent.

A report prepared by fiscal analyst David Demapan stated that as of March 21, 2018,  $116,253,569 had been appropriated from the casino GRT through various public

Of this amount, $34,863,619 was allotted for land payments; $25,629,042, Settlement Fund; $22,091,826, PSS; and $9.75 million, CHCC.

Public Law 19-75 appropriated a total of $40.9 million from casino revenue tax payments with CHCC receiving $7 million,  PSS, $10.2 million and land compensation, $9 million.

Public Law 20-42 appropriated $46 million from casino GRT payments with CHCC getting $2.7 million, PSS, $11.8 million, and land compensation, $5.1 million.

Public Law 20-4 appropriated $20, 713,619 in casino tax payments for land compensation while Public Law 20-16  allotted $1.4 million in casino tax payments for the retroactive pay hike of civil service employees whose salaries were frozen at step 12.

A public corporation, CHCC is requesting $17 million from the central government for fiscal year 2019 which starts on Oct. 1, 2018.

Sen. Teresita Santos, who chairs the Senate  Committee on Health and Welfare,  commended CHCC for its prompt submission.

She added that the fiscal analyst’s report will show that CHCC was not underfunded by the Legislature.

“A recent fiscal report issued by our LB fiscal analyst shows that CHCC has been appropriated about $9.7 million from the casino [tax payments], including an additional $10 million from various sources of funding,” she said.

“Thus, let the record reflect that the Legislature has done its due diligence in allocating a certain amount of funding for CHCC. How CHCC disposes of those funding remains to be seen but disclosure of said funding could be furnished or revealed during the budget hearing process for fiscal year 2019,” she added.

CHCC’s predecessor, the Department of Public Health was under the executive branch and received a budget of $37 million in FY 2011.

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