Kagman health center to operate as non-profit entity starting May 1

STARTING May 1, the Kagman Community Health Center will operate independently of the Commonwealth Healthcare Corp. This, however, was news to CHCC’s chief executive officer, Esther Muna.


 “Further discussion is needed and we are simply waiting for full details of the [grant] application they submitted to [U.S. Human Resources Services Administration] to clearly assess the situation,” she told Variety.   p2kchc

KCHC executive director Vince Castro said the center  “will become a non-government entity — we will operate as a non-profit.” But he said there will be no changes in the center’s patient service. 

 Currently, Castro said, CHCC finances the center and manages its human resources. 

KCHC is operating as a public entity, but on May 1 it is going to be a private center, he added. He will be its CEO.

Castro said the center will adopt a private non-profit model.  “95 percent of the community health centers in the U.S. are private non-profit centers.”

He said this means that the center will be financially independent of CHCC and funding for the center’s operations will come mostly from federal grants. 

The U.S. Human Resources Services Administration or HRSA has extended its funding assistance to KCHC which will get more than $1 million for its annual operations.

“The center can run on its own without CHCC,” Castro said in a telephone interview.  He added that it was the center’s board that decided to operate the center independently of CHCC. 

The board is composed of Velma M. Palacios, chair; Tom Thornburgh, vice chair; Dr. Ignacia Demapan, treasurer; Lennie Hermosilla, secretary; and members Fernando Camacho, Maria (Mako) Torres, Maria (Terry) Aldan, George Cruz and Matthew Gregory. 

Based on the HRSA’s Uniform Data System, KCHC saw a 29 percent growth in patients and 28 percent growth in visits from 2016 to 2017.

In 2016, Castro said the center saw 1,592 patients and there were  3,762 total visits to the center.

In 2017, the center served 2,061 patients and the number of visits totaled 4,821.

Source: Marianas Variety :

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