July 31-Aug. 4 is Soudelor Commemoration Week

TWO years after Typhoon Soudelor devastated Saipan, there are still around 48 families who need to rebuild their homes, Gov. Ralph Torres said on Tuesday as he signed a proclamation designating July 31-Aug. 4 as Soudelor Commemoration Week.

He signed the proclamation in one of the houses in Koblerville damaged by the typhoon but which was recently rebuilt through the help of the Commonwealth Advocates for Recovery Efforts or CARE.

The house belongs to Prepedizna Lisua who was off-island when Soudelor swept through Saipan. She said she was in the Philippines for medical treatment at the time.

When she returned to the island in Nov. 2015, she said she and her husband had to move into her sister-in-law’s house where they stayed for 19 months until CARE started rebuilding her home.

She and her husband moved back to their rebuilt home on July 1.

Lisua thanked everyone who helped rebuild her house, saying there is no place like home.

Lisua is among the 745 typhoon victims who received assistance from CARE which, in turn, received funding from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the CNMI government, businesses, community groups and individuals.

Governor Torres said he will continue to find resources for CARE so it can provide assistance to the 48 remaining families who need help in rebuilding their homes.

CARE executive director Jenny Hegland, in an interview, said she has never been so proud of anything in her life as she is now for all the work done in helping families rebuild their homes. She said she is very grateful to all the volunteers for their time and commitment as well as to their federal and CNMI partner agencies and groups.

Hegland said one of the great things she learned from Typhoon Soudelor is the true meaning of the word resiliency.

“I saw it in action, and I learned what it is to be part of a resilient community,” she added.

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