Judiciary’s new air-conditioning system to cost $7M

IT will cost about $7 million to replace the judicial building’s air-conditioning system, in addition to the $450,000 needed for the building’s mold remediation, Gov. Ralph D.L.G. Torres said. The total cost is more than the $6.6 million allotted for the judiciary in the government’s fiscal year 2018 budget.

Torres said the funding for the judiciary’s new air-conditioning system will come from a supplemental budget outside the general fund due to the cost, complexity and size of the project.

Funding for the judiciary building’s mold remediation was included in his proposed FY 2019 budget, which he already submitted to the Legislature.

The judiciary has not yet explained why it failed to properly maintain its building and air-conditioning system.

As for the Commonwealth Healthcare Corp., Torres proposed $5.5 million but he said CHCC will get more in the supplemental budget.

The hospital, he added, wants to purchase new equipment to ensure better healthcare services.

“If we are to look at all the funding requests, we won’t be able to accommodate everybody, but critical agencies like CHCC will get additional funding in the supplemental budget,” Torres said.

The proposed funding for CHCC includes $250,000 to help defray the cost of medical care for the inmates at the Department of Corrections, and $2.75 million to help pay for the indigent population’s clinical services.

Torres said the $5.5 million for CHCC also includes  40 percent of the money available from the tobacco settlement fund which is $199,547; $1.4 million in tobacco control funds; and $894,546 in Compact-Impact funds.

Torres expects some proposed funding provisions to change as the Legislature starts deliberating on the budget bill.

He is proposing a budget of $258.1 million for FY 2019 — an increase of $21.4 million compared to the FY 2018 budget which amounts to $236.7 million.

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