Judicial building mold-infested

THE judicial building is mold-infested based on the result of the inspection conducted by the Bureau of Environmental Health.

Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation public information officer Samantha Birmingham-Babauta said  BEH inspectors conducted a walk through on March 21, 2018 and discovered mold on the ceiling acoustic panels, walls, chairs, vent grills, cabinet doors and furniture.

The areas in the building identified as most affected were the courtrooms, the probation as well as the record and payment offices, she said.

Mold exposure is a serious health threat to people and can cause nasal stuffiness, throat irritation, coughing or wheezing and eye irritation, among other things.

Gene Weaver, the judicial building superintendent, stated that a Guam firm, William Miller Engineering, was contracted to assess the mold in the building.

A final report is forthcoming regarding the completed data collection mold assessment done by William Miller Engineering, Birmingham-Babauta said.

BEH inspectors revisited the judiciary building on Monday to examine the mold’s growth over the weekend, if any.

BEH’s goal is to ensure that there are remedial actions taken to address the mold and provide a clean and safe environment for the employees and court patrons who access the judiciary building, Birmingham-Babauta said.

She added that BEH was informed about the possible detection of mold at the judicial building following its closure due to a faulty central air-conditioning system.

The building remains off-limits to the general public and nonessential staff.  Court proceedings and public services have been rescheduled and relocated until further notice.

Since March 16, the Superior Court is holding hearings in a small room at the Gov. Pedro P. Tenorio Multi-Purpose Center and at the Department of Public Safety training offices.

The District Court for the NMI in Garapan has also been designated as temporary court location while Commonwealth Recorder services are being provided at the multi-purpose center.

The satellite Office of the Adult Probation and Supervision located  behind the Bureau of Motor Vehicles now offers cashier services and hosts the Office of the Clerk of Court which issues police clearances.

The satellite office also accepts child support payments, bail, traffic and probation fines and fees.

The offices for the Family Court Division and the Drug Court Division are located at the DPS training offices.

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