Joseph Inos withdraws from gubernatorial race

(NMI Democrats) — Chairman Daniel O. Quitugua of the NMI Democratic Party informed the media on Wednesday that former Mayor and Sen. Joseph “Joe” S. Inos has, with deep regret, withdrawn as the Democratic Party candidate for governor in the up-coming November general election for personal and family reasons.

Joseph Songao Inos

In a letter to the Democratic Party, their presumptive gubernatorial candidate said the decision gave him a “heavy heart,” but despite having “repeatedly done my very best to gain [my family’s] approval,” and having “discoursed on the basic foundation of a family,” he was unable to secure the necessary family unity and blessing.

The former mayor of Rota said in his letter, “Of paramount importance, deeply rooted in our unique culture, especially for a gubernatorial candidate, is to seek advice, consultation, and blessing from our family. These prerequisites require patience, understanding, and discussion of substantive issues. Moral and material support is at the very core of advancing a candidate’s aspirations for public office.”

“While we are saddened by former Mayor Inos’ decision, we fully understand and respect his reasons,” Quitugua said. “Family is very important in our culture and these islands, and a divided family is a pain and burden few of us can bear.”

“We are gratified that former Mayor Joe Inos has pledged his commitment to ‘the People’s Party’ platform and his personal support in the coming election,” he added.

“This year the public demands candidates whose passion and commitment to public service is exemplary. We Democrats fully understand the public interest in this matter and the importance of selecting persons whose qualifications and personal traits are worthy of the public trust. We take these concerns very seriously and truly value the honor of the peoples’ trust,” Chairman Quitugua said.

“As a party, we are very fortunate in the number of people we have found who embody that quality, and that are committed to making change to improve all of our lives here in the Commonwealth and restore integrity and confidence in our government,” he added.

Chairman Quitugua said the party’s Central Executive Committee will be meeting soon to decide how to move forward. “We have very good options, and the people of the commonwealth can expect an announcement in the near future,” he said.

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